The Inspiration
The Denver Police Orphans’ Fund began in 1948, when Officer Joe Hale, an orphan himself, along with Jerry Mangan and Warren Terry dug into their own pockets to provide Christmas gifts to the children of deceased officers. Their hopes were to remind children that they were still part of the Denver Police Family.

Officer Hale’s inspiration grew into more than just Christmas gifts. In 1973, the Denver Police Orphans’ Fund was incorporated and by 1976, a Board of Directors, composed of Denver Police Officers, was established and the Fund achieved status as a tax-exempt charity organization (501(c)(3)). Soon after, the response was overwhelming and countless officers from every Bureau and Division were making monthly contributions to the Fund.

The Dream Lives On
Officer Hale retired in 1967, but his dream lives on with the generous support from Denver officers who still contribute monthly, and from many friends of the police department who give generously, not only monetary gifts, but of their precious time using their professional skills to help our police families.

Securing The Future
Through the years, the Fund has been expertly managed by the Board of Directors to ensure that there would be funds available for future generations. The investments are handled by a professional finance management and advisory company, as well as a professional tax accounting company, who provide their services, at no cost to the Fund.

The Fund is supported almost entirely by tax deductible donations from payroll deductions of Denver Police Officers.

Achieving Success
Thanks to the ongoing generosity of our officers, our Fund has made it possible for Denver Police children to graduate from schools such as Columbia University, Harvard University, and the Culinary Institute of America. Several students have completed college and are moving ahead to graduate school. These children of Denver Police Officers have risen above adversity and are working hard to achieve success.