Police Officer John Adsit

Words cannot begin to explain the gratitude my family and I have towards the Denver Police Orphan’s Fund. On December 3, 2014 my father, Officer John Adsit, was in a life altering car accident. Although this accident was not fatal, it left my father with catastrophic injuries and he was forced to medically retire from the job. Almost nine years later, my father is still receiving constant medical care and is continuing his recovering process.

Many people are under the impression that the Denver Police Orphan’s Fund only supports dependents of officers killed on the line. However, I am beyond grateful to say that they also support students like my sister and I whose parent was critically injured. Without the Denver Police Orphan’s Fund, I would have never considered college as an option due to the financial burden it would have put on my family and I.

I am proud to say today, that because of the Denver Police Orphan’s Fund, my older sister has graduated with her Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and I graduated college with two bachelor degrees in Criminology and Psychology. Jordan and I both plan on using our degrees to benefit first responders and work along those who are on the line of duty.

Neither Jordan nor I would have ever been able to graduate without the support the Denver Police Orphan’s Fund has brought us. We will forever be grateful for this organization and the life changing opportunities they provided us with. The amount of support they have shown my family and I has been overwhelming.