Police Officer Bruce VanderJagt

I consider myself to be one of the luckiest college students I know; I have the opportunity to attend the school of my dreams without the financial burden of a four-year tuition that would make my academic aspirations an impossibility. The Orphans’ Fund has allowed me to cultivate my passion for neuroscience at Reed College in Portland, Oregon; here, my professors have taught me to think like a scientist by formulating research hypotheses, designing and executing experiments, and presenting my findings with professionalism and pride in the work that I accomplish. Arguably more important than my growth as a researcher is the meaningful way in which Reed has shaped my character as an individual. I am completely in my element here— my school inspires me to discover and pursue interests I never knew I had, to constantly challenge myself, and to believe that I can improve myself and the world around me every single day. I am infinitely grateful to the Denver Police Orphans’ Fund for giving me the financial freedom to not only earn my Bachelor’s degree, but to truly follow my bliss.